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Inner Tube Pouch, large


This large pouch keeps everything you need in easy reach - fill it up and toss it in your backpack, briefcase, purse or panniers. It's large enough to hold your phone, wallet, gum, car keys, makeup, school supplies, toiletries or other essentials - this pouch is good at keeping just about anything safe and organized. Made with 100% upcycled bike tubes, the eco-friendly, durable rubber construction means you can easily wipe away dirt and keep it looking like new. Grab it and go; you'll never want to leave home without it again.

Bag measures 5.5"x9"

We collect bike parts from local shops, rescuing parts that would otherwise be garbage. We clean and clean and clean again with a natural degreaser to ensure no grime is left behind. Variations will occur since all used pieces of the bike carry their own history.

Custom and wholesale orders are available. We can even make things from your own bike! Just ask.

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