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Annette on Chicago's WGN-TV

Bicycles hold a special place in my heart. I’ve spent thousands of hours on that seat riding, coaching and commuting and have always found beauty in the parts. I love being on my bike, but instead of just riding it, I wanted to use it to create something new.  I asked a friend who owns a bike shop to save me some old parts. He handed me a box filled to the brim, I dove in and started to play. LINKS by Annette was born, just like that.

My goal is to transform everyday parts - change the mundane and dirty into something that’s elevated, show-stopping and doesn’t scream “I used to be on a bicycle!”.  Since everything I create is made from parts that have been used, each piece is one of a kind; no two gears wear that same way, and I get to take advantage of whatever the bike shops can’t use. I let my imagination run wild to make things I’ve never seen before. I love being creative, I love using my hands, and my heart is happiest when someone loves my products.

I grew up working in the garage with my Dad, and watching him and my Mom haul home hidden gems from the flea market and transform them into refinished additions to our home. Now, all these years later, they help me unload my car full of retired bike parts collected from local shops, and assist in the garage as I create upcycled additions for your home.

Since starting LINKS in 2015, I’ve learned a lot - including welding, weaving, crocheting, sewing, soldering and woodworking - so that I can keep creating more. I care deeply about good design and great quality. I gain inspiration from everything around me and have a soft spot for construction that is smart, clean and cultivated. By playing every day in my studio, creating new things out of old, and using my creativity to keep things out of the landfill, I have found a new way to connect with people and the environment.

Upcycled, recycled, reused, repurposed - call it what you want. I create unique, high-quality, modern industrial home goods, décor and wearable products. Everything is handmade in Chicago with a passion for cycling and functional design, a meticulous eye for detail, and a dedication to making the world a better place, one bike part at a time.



The Team

annette fiscelli founder, creator and designer at links by annette, handmade chicago recycled art, local artist, who makes industrial design styled home goods, decor and jewelry from upcycled retired recycled bike parts
Annette Fiscelli
Creator, Designer, Head Grease Cleaner
My favorite person is my dog. I like sunrise better than sunset. Smiling is my favorite emotion. My favorite dessert is sugar. I sing and dance a lot when I’m alone. I swear... a lot. Favorite word is "fate". I have full-blown conversations with myself and am known to start stories with "So, I saw this documentary and….".


amanda crockett co-pilot, parts collector and all around good person at links by annette making handmade industrial inspired decor, home goods and jewelry from recycled, upcycled, retired bicycle parts, bike art, recycled art, handmade in chicago artist   
Amanda Crockett
Co-pilot, IT, all around good person
Her childhood ambition was to be the first woman in the NBA. She loves making people laugh. Being up-side-down is her happy place. She makes everything into a song...for better or worse. She cries at commercials. She literally climbed the walls as a kid, and ended up in Cirque du Soleil. I'm grateful to have her help.



annette fiscelli of links by annette with her parents, assistants extraordinaire, who help her make industrial design styled home goods, decor and jewelry from upcycled retired recycled bike parts
My Parents
Assistants Extraordinaire
LINKS wouldn’t exist without their support. They love to dance, and they're really good at it. They let me take over their garage...and the basement now too. They’ve been married almost 50 years. They talk to me at the same time. My Dad thinks he's the idea person, but he's not. My Mom cooks chicken for my dog while I’m working. Sometimes I get fed too.

degreaser, links by annette, we use natural, biodegradable, citrus based cleaner, cleaning agent, recycled bike parts  Degreaser

We care a lot about the earth and love that we get to rescue things that would otherwise be garbage. We use Dawn and a natural cleaner to clean all those greasy parts.