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Stretchy Bike Chain Pin Bracelet


This bracelet doesn't look like it came from a bike chain, but it did! It's made from the small pins that hold the bike chain together. Only a small number of bike chains I collect have hollow rivets, making these bracelets even more unique. They're strung together with elastic cord and gunmetal beads to make a simple, everyday bracelet just for you.

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Bracelet is standard 6". We want to ensure that your new bracelet fits perfectly, so please measure your wrist before ordering. Choose a size appropriate to slide gently over your hand and still be comfortable when on, keeping in mind that the bracelets give only about a 1/2" when fully stretched.  Do not order a size smaller than your wrist. If the size is not right when you receive it, refer to return policy.  Avoid over stretching.

We collect bike parts from local shops, rescuing parts that would otherwise be garbage. We clean and clean and clean again with a natural, biodegradable, citrus based degreaser. Variations will occur since all used pieces of the bike carry their own history.

Custom and wholesale orders are available. We can even make things from your own bike! Just ask.

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