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10" Hand Painted Wooden Chicago Flag clock with Bike Chain Inlay


This clock is beautifully made and handcrafted from beginning to end. The Chicago flag is painted by hand onto the face of the clock, and upcycled bike chain is inlayed into the hand carved wood, laying flush with the front of the clock. Notice how the blue and white stripes perfectly wrap around the side of the clock to finish off the edges. It is made with every attention to detail. Unique. Show-stopping. Made with love.

Every detail is considered, even recessing the clock mechanism in the back so that it hangs perfectly on any wall. This sets our clocks apart from others; we want to be sure you love everything about it!  

Clock measures 10" across.  The high quality clock mechanism is made in the USA and runs on a single AA battery. All clocks are tested before shipping.  

We collect bike parts from local shops, rescuing parts that would otherwise be garbage. We clean and clean and clean again with a natural, biodegradable, citrus based degreaser. Variations will occur since all used pieces of the bike carry their own history.

Custom and wholesale orders are available. We can even make things from your own bike! Just ask.

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