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Custom Lazy Susan


Sold out - check back soon as we restock often.

This beautiful, hand crafted custom Lazy Susan was made for a customer's home. Using a router, we carved 2 grooves in the wood. In one, we inlaid a single row of chain so that it lays flush with the surface of the wood. In the other, we inlaid two rows of chain, one flush with the wood the other we stood up on its side, creating a beautiful 3D border. A single spoke end is hammered in the center, we use high quality bearings, and the bottom is lined with upcycled inner tube. Every detail is important to us. Custom. Made with love. Built to last. 

Lazy Susan measures apr. 22" across and 2 inches high. Base is a 6" wood circle. 

If you want a custom design, email us. The designer will work with you, even if you don't know exactly what you want, to create something just for you. On your initial meeting, I will hear your ideas, we will collaborate on design concepts and go over pricing estimates before continuing to production.

We collect bike parts from local shops, rescuing parts that would otherwise be garbage. We clean and clean and clean again with a natural, biodegradable, citrus based degreaser. Variations will occur since all used pieces of the bike carry their own history.

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