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Bike Gear Clock with Red Second Hand


Smile every time you read the time with this eye-catching clock. Retired gears from several bikes are layered with a standout red second hand and white clock arms. Look closely to see the unique, road-worn hue of each gear, or stand back and admire the way it all goes together. One of a kind. Beautiful. Crafted by hand.

Clock measures apr. 8" across at largest point. The clock in this photo is the exact clock you will receive.

All clocks have a high-quality clock mechanism with a built-in hanging device making it easy to hang. My unique design hides the mechanism so that it will not be seen from the front. Clocks run on a AA battery. Battery not included.

Custom orders are available. We can even make things from your own bike!

We collect retired bike parts from local shops and transform them into high-quality, handmade treasures. All the greasy bits are cleaned and cleaned with natural degreaser to ensure everything is spotless by the time it gets to you. Since all bike parts are upcycled, we get to take advantage of what the bike shops are getting rid of, and variations will occur since each bike part has its own history and story to tell.

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