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6.5" Gear and Chain Ring Cover Bike Clock


This unique clock incorporates a chainring cover and recycled bicycle gears from several bikes. It is professionally made with high-quality parts and has a red second hand that really pops. Small details will not go unnoticed once you have this clock hanging in your home. One of a kind. Beautiful. Crafted by hand.

Clock measures apr. 6.5" across at largest point. Minute hand extends slightly beyond gears. The clock in this photo is the exact clock you will receive.

All clocks have a clock mechanism with a built-in hanging device making it easy to hang. The mechanism is hidden with my unique design and will not be seen from the front. Clocks run on a single AA battery. Battery not included.

We collect bike parts from local shops, rescuing parts that would otherwise be garbage. We clean and clean and clean again with a natural, biodegradable, citrus-based degreaser. Variations will occur since all used pieces of the bike carry their own history.

Custom and wholesale orders are available. We can even make things from your own bike! Just ask.

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