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Annette on Chicago's WGN-TV


After 20 years as a gym owner, personal trainer and cyclist, I made a massive career change and started a new business. Instead of just riding my bike, I decided to use the parts to make art. For years, I had collected boxes full of broken and battered bike chains knowing that, one day, I would dive into them and create something awesome. I took a leap, and before I knew it, I had a kitchen table full of jewelry I'd made.
LINKS by Annette was born. Just like that.  
Inspired by a passion for cycling and functional design, we rescue junked bike parts and build, weld, crochet, solder and route rubber, wood and metal to create unique, functional, high-quality products. Upcycled, recycled, reused, repurposed, call it what you want.  We make everything by hand in Chicago with a meticulous eye for detail and a whole lot of love. Unique. Show-stopping. Crafted by hand. 


The Team


annette fiscelli, designer, links by annette, favorite person is her dog, makes cool stuff, recycled bike parts

   Annette Fiscelli - Designer   
   My favorite person is my dog.
   I like sunrise better than sunset.
Smiling is my favorite emotion.
Favorite desert is sugar.
I sing and dance a lot when I’m alone.
I swear... a lot.
Favorite word is "fate".
Have full-blown conversations with myself.
Known to start stories with "So, I saw this documentary and….".


amanda crockett, cfo, vip, bff, etc, links by annette, makes cool stuff, recycled bike parts   
Amanda Crockett - CFO, VIP, BFF, etc.
Childhood ambition was to be the first woman in the NBA.
My favorite foods are chocolate chip cookies and chard.
I love making people laugh.
Being up-side-down is my happy place.
I make everything into a song.
I cry at commercials.
Literally climbed the walls as a child.
Ended up in Cirque du Soleil.
Loves a good snuggle.


my parents, the parents, assistants, links by annette, have been married 50 years, make cool stuff, recycled bike parts    

My Parents - Assistants Extraordinaire
LINKS wouldn’t exist without their support.
My dad takes apart and cleans as much chain as I need
My mom paints everything that’s hand painted…by hand.
They love to dance, and they're really good at it.
Let me take over their garage on a regular basis.
They’ve been married almost 50 years.
Both talk to me at the same time.
My Dad thinks he's the idea person, but he's not.
My Mom cooks chicken for my dog while I’m working.
Sometimes I get fed too.


degreaser, links by annette, we use natural, biodegradable, citrus based cleaner, cleaning agent, recycled bike parts  

We care a lot about the earth and love that we get to rescue things that would otherwise be garbage.
We use a natural, biodegradable, citrus-based cleaner to clean all those greasy parts.